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Memorial created 02-5-2006 by
Lyndie Sorenson
Joey Sorenson
January 5 1982 - July 19 2003

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07-20-2006 7:45 PM -- By: Kay,  From: Florida  

Hey Joey! The last email sent before I finished. Are you goofing with me??? LOL - probably you and LUKE!

I know this is a day late, but know how your Mom misses you every day and likes to know how many of us out here love and care about both of you as the days move forward. Thanks for sending her a kule sign - keep them up Joey! Please give her sweet dreams of her wonderful and beloved Joey tonight!

Love, Kay

07-20-2006 7:41 PM -- By: Kay,  From: Florida  

Hey Joey!

07-19-2006 1:16 PM -- By: Stephanie,  From: Milwaukee, WI  

Joey, I miss you everyday and have thoughts about you constantly. I know you are happy where you are now, and that you're watching down on all of us hoping that we are smiling. I miss you and love you with all of my heart. ~Stephanie

07-19-2006 9:44 AM -- By: Roycie Raspberry,  From: Texas  

Joey, Just stopped by to let you know that I am thinking about you on your Angel Day. This is such a hard day for your mom and family...wrap your arms around them today and let them feel your love. Love you, Roycie

07-19-2006 1:16 AM -- By: Lisa Watkins,  From: Lafayette,Ga  

Lyndie,You will be in my thoughts today.I send all my love to you and your family.I share the pain with you and know the heartache.I hope you have lots of happy thoughts of Joey today and always.Love ya,Lisa

07-18-2006 11:39 PM -- By: Heather Trude,  From: Naples, Fl  

I did not know Joey personally, but I did hear about him. I went to Lely, but most importantly I lost my brother March 9, 2006 to a drug overdose. He was also a Lely Grad. of 2003. It really helps to know there are people out there that know what it feels like. Its a terrible thing to happen to anyone, thats why we must appreciate every single day we have with the ones we love! RIP Matthew Aaron Trude 2/21/85- 3/9/06

07-18-2006 7:14 PM -- By: Donna-Corey's Mom,  From: Florida  


Even though tomorrow is now the third anniversary of your beautiful son Joey's Heaven date, I know that it does not get any easier. You and I lost our precious sons less than 1 month apart and just as we've become friends here in this world, I pray that our boys have become good friends in the next.

I know the pain that you feel in your heart and I so wish that none of us had to know or feel this heartache. Please know that you and Joey are in my thoughts and prayers always, and tomorrow when I light my daily candles for Corey and Michelle, I will light a special one for you and Joey and say a prayer.

Sending huge hugs to you and your angel Joey,

Love, Donna-Corey's Mom www.coreyandmichelle.com www.mem.com 8/17/2003

06-06-2006 8:00 PM -- By: Kay,  From: Florida  


My heart stopped as I clicked on Joey's memorial page and saw that picture of him in the white shirt. Luke has a picture just like that. I am so sad that we didn't all meet years ago - the Mom's with the sons whose beaming smiles warmed our hearts. Luke and Joey would have had great fun together on earth. But I know they are riding the lights of heaven together now, our Forever 21 boys, and it brings a smile to my broken heart. Loads of Love, Kay

05-22-2006 11:03 PM -- By: Carrie,  From: Wisconsin  

Lyndie Your words are so comforting and inspirational. Your writing is beautiful and your site brings lite to the waves of grief that are felt with losing a child. Thank you for sharing Joey with us and for your comforting words. I will read them often as I will always have Joey close in my heart! Please know that you are in my prayers! Much Love, Carrie

05-21-2006 11:45 PM -- By: Donna-Corey's Mom,  From: Florida  

Lyndie, You have created such a beautiful memorial for your handsome son Joey!! I just love the picture of Joey with the birthday waffle!! He looks so handsome also in his high school picture all decked out in his tux. You have done an awesome job with this memorial site. My heart cried for you when I read the poem page. We lost our sons just one month apart from each other....I am sure that Joey is proud of his mom and is smiling down on you! Joey, Corey & Michelle Heavenly friends forever, Love, Donna-Corey's Mom http://www.coreyandmichelle.com http://www.mem.com In Loving Memory of Corey & Michelle James 8/17/2003

04-29-2006 9:57 PM -- By: Phyllis Freeman,  From: A  

I did not know your son or how he had passed away the poems were beautifull so sorry for your loss may the lord be by your side & guide you & your family each & every day i feel your pain for your loss i've lost a few 2 many loved ones over the years & i still greive every day.GOD BLESS YOU JOEY!!! AND GOD BLESS YOUR FAMILY.

04-29-2006 9:57 PM -- By: Phyllis Freeman,  From: A  

I did not know your son or how he had passed away the poems were beautifull so sorry for your loss may the lord be by your side & guide you & your family each & every day i feel your pain for your loss i've lost a few 2 many loved ones over the years & i still greive every day.GOD BLESS YOU JOEY!!! AND GOD BLESS YOUR FAMILY.

04-28-2006 5:15 AM -- By: Neely,  From: orlando  

Joey is on my mind, all the time...i miss him and i wonder what would have been...

i never got to resolve things between the two of us...

but you are always on my mind joey...and when i can, i will come see you...

04-28-2006 5:10 AM -- By: Neely,  From: orlando  

i keep seeing these messages from people...and they are great...but none of them are from people who knew him...i did... joey had a beautiful smile...and even though he mentioned a nose job i told him i loved his nose...he challenged me, i challenged him...

04-28-2006 5:04 AM -- By: Neely,  From: orlando  

i still dream about joey...every once in awhile...

04-26-2006 8:19 PM -- By: payge,  From: mississippi  

I don't know you, but from reading your memorial you were a great kid. I lost my closest friend, and I haven't gotten over him yet. I know what it is like to lose someone that was very close to your heart. GOD BLESS YOU JOEY.

04-21-2006 11:08 AM -- By: Cynthia,  From:  

....me partio el alma y me desquebrajo el corazon, Dios es Especial y todo lo que El hce nos ayuda a bien...aunque no lo entendamos en el momento.

Tu Nueva Amiga,

Cynthia (El Salvador, C.A.)

04-09-2006 6:20 AM -- By: fabian,  From: norway  

Lyndie.............................., how did he die?. I never heard from him since 2years ago.

04-09-2006 6:15 AM -- By: Fabian,  From: norway  

This memorial is just bringing me back into tears. They say , one should forgive and forget, but how can I forget a friend as true, funny, kind, faithful, respectful and kind.

I MISS U JOEY U were the only one who excepted me for being gay, I miss you alot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love Fabian

04-05-2006 8:31 PM -- By: cillia,  From: Mobile, Al  

I feel the way you feel everyday. My father died on my birthday the same year your son did so I feel what you are feeling. But what I can tell you is that your son is in a very special place and as long as you know that you have nothing to worry about. I can't tell you not to cry because I do everyday it's part of being human but what I said before can help you cry less. Just know that when you die someone is going to cry for you too. Do you really want to see them hurt when you pass away? think about that. Good Luck and God Bless.

04-05-2006 11:30 AM -- By: Sarah,  From: UK  

I was scanning the web & i came across your son web site I didn't know your son but his web site really moved me i can tell what a loving caring family you are & how much you adored Joey. He maybe gone but in your heart he will always be with you.


04-03-2006 8:52 PM -- By: Terrie Whiteman,  From: Harleysville,Pa.  

Hi Joey,

Just cruising around VM, and seeing all of Joey's angel friends, you're all together in heaven and here. Just reading all your Mom's beautiful work she has done on your site.

Love, Terrie (Joey's Mom)

04-01-2006 4:52 PM -- By: Lakeisha Johnson,  From: Bahamas  

Sorry that you had to go through such a tragedy.. But Life and Death is A painful reality.. I wish I could take away your sorrow and You Will Reunite with Joey as Soon As Tomorrow.. But God Has a Purpose and God Has A Plan And Before You Know It You will Be Face to Joey the Man.. God created and aftewards he rest.. God created Joey therefore God Knows Best...

03-24-2006 8:52 AM -- By: Maria (Christopher's mommy),  From: Pittsburgh PA  

I am so sorry about your loss of your handsome son Joey. I can relate as I also have lost a son, my buddy, my heart, my Christopher. This is a wonderful tribute to Joey and I thank you for sharing it with me. love and hugs, maria Christopher's mommy forever

03-22-2006 7:35 PM -- By: Veronica Mascarenas Grajeda,  From: Ogden, Utah  

What a beautiful memorial site. I just wanted to send my thoughts and prayers to the family. I have lost a little brother in a car wreck in Oct.31,2003. I know how hard it can be on those who loved him. Please go to my little brother web site and lite a candle. thank you veroica mascaenas grajeda Preston-Mascarenas.memory-of.com

03-21-2006 4:37 PM -- By: Kairat beketaev,  From: Kazakhstan, Almaty  

My friend died two years ago, i so miss him. Everyday I do "DUA" for him am readin Fatiha from Kuran do it your self for him and he will delidhted

03-21-2006 4:34 PM -- By: Kairat beketaev,  From: Kazakhstan, Almaty  

Qualis ita finis itta

03-19-2006 9:37 AM -- By: Shelby,  From: Tennessee  

I'm so sorry for you to go through this. I know how you feel. I was in an accident with my brother. And he died too. I miss him so much. Possibly they will meet each other. But anyway I hope you and your family cherish each other forever on end. I know I will cherish mine. I once was told, Lives are taken because they have done something wonderful for God, so God wanted Joey because he did something wonderful for him.

03-16-2006 8:00 PM -- By: Terrie Whiteman,  From: Harleysville,Pa.  

Hi Joey, Sure have waited a long time to see you. I know by now you've met my son Joey and intoduced your Mom to me. This is such a beautiful tribute, all the beautiful songs and letters from you and your Mom. I'm so glad we're all together, now I can come and visit you more often. Hugs and kisses to your Mom, don't forget. Love, Terrie (Joey's mom)

03-13-2006 2:01 AM -- By: marree-priscilla,  From:  

hi my name is marree-priscilla i happened to be listening to music and these pages about joey had came up. I nearly cried myself these pages are beautiful and i wish your family and yourself all the best luck in the future. x0xox0x


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