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Memorial created 02-5-2006 by
Lyndie Sorenson
Joey Sorenson
January 5 1982 - July 19 2003

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02-01-2009 8:22 AM -- By: ,  From:  


Being on this coast  (west coast of florida)(on earth) for a year--has helped me to look out for your Mother....Things are turning in her direction...As we always know--her missing of you will continue until the end of time...and....beyond..

Joey, your wonderful Mom--knows that you are watching over her all, of the time....That keeps her going day to day...Although it is so hard for her--she is very much loved and respected here on planet earth.....That helps!

Know that she is safe....Travel in the light...stay in peace.

Peacefully with Love and Music, Kenny

01-26-2009 10:00 PM -- By: Nancy Thomason,  From: IL  

Dear Lyndie I was thinking of you and Joey and wanted to come and visit. I love to read your poems and hear about your precious angel. I hope you don't mind, I added his handsome face to Matthew's angel friends pages. I meant to ask you first, but got lost in the project. If you'd rather me not have his picture there I'll take it down, but I hope that you like it.It is on the page calledMatthew's angel friends - Handsome young men.Joey, I hope you and Matthew are having so much fun in Heaven, doing everything you always loved to do and wanted to do but couldn't. Make sure you take the time to wrap your angel love around your mom. She needs to feel you everyday. Love and hugs, Nancy, Matthew's mom

01-26-2009 11:06 AM -- By: Carol,  From: Newnan, GA  

"The memory of our Angels is with us each & everyday. The love we feel within our hearts will never fade away ((hugs))"

Carol Mom to Matthew Mullis

01-24-2009 8:48 AM -- By: ,  From:  


I am always here to keep you posted--on your wonderful Mother.....She and I speak about you often.....She wants to be certain that you knew and know how very much she loves and will always love you......I tell her----I know you will always know that.......We all will always know how very much you love her too!!!

 Through sickness, health and, through pain

 Through loss and through gain

No one can take the place of a Mother or a Child

No one can miss deeply--without wanting to go wild

Lyndie--you have a heart so great

Joey as well as the world knows--there is no debate

As a mother, woman and, a human being

You are the finest person alive--and, it is quite clear about what I am seeing

 Joey my from beyond friend--Stay in the light..Travel in safety....

Peacefully with Love and Music, Kenny

01-22-2009 2:31 PM -- By: Terrie Whiteman,  From: Pa  

Hi Sweet Joey, Haven't been around here in a long time. So sorry for that. I'm trying to re-do my Joey's website, which seems to take forever. You're in Joey's site a lot and I'm so glad, because you will be together forever in heaven.

Love, Terrie (Joey's Mom)

01-21-2009 6:27 AM -- By: ,  From:  


I am doing my best to watch out for your wonderful Mom from planet earth......I know that you are watching over her from your neck of the woods... 

How she misses you!!!!!!! Words will never do justice to her missing of you...

Stay in the light...Travel in safety.

Peacefully with Love and Music, kenny

01-17-2009 9:39 AM -- By: Carol Ragsdale,  From: Newnan, GA  

Lyndie stopping by to send you much love and support during this time.  My heart and prayers go out to you.  Joey send mom beautiful signs of your love, let her know you are close and that your grand mother is by safe by your side.

Love to you Joey, Lyndie and your mom

Carol Mom to Matthew Mullis

01-11-2009 7:30 PM -- By: KeNnY,  From:  


I have been led in the direction of LOVE

The purpose is here on earth--but, the message is from up ABOVE

Your Mom misses you and speaks of you every DAY

You are deep within your Mom's heart-and, that is much more than any words can possibly SAY

You look closely from your spot--while I deal with what's on the GROUND

I am the catcher ...Your Mother is the batter and,you guide things from the pitcher's MOUND

I will always keep you posted though, you can feel what I am telling you, prior to this poem, written on your SITE

Stay tuned.......Continue to remain in peace....Always travel in safety and, Travel in the LIGHT...

Peacefully with Love and Music, Kenny

01-08-2009 3:03 AM -- By: Jeri Jessii's mom,  From: South Dakota  

Joey, I know you can hear me as I watch the angel mobile begin to twirl and I feel those God bumps. Birythdays without  our children as we knew them is tough on we parents. Please send us dreams/signs to let us know that you can feel that love we send your way. I know you send your love to your family.

01-05-2009 9:02 PM -- By: ,  From:  

We came upon Joey’s memorial and we are so sorry for your loss. We understand the pain that your loss has brought you. We hope and pray that today is peaceful for you as you remember Josey's Birthday.

01-05-2009 6:30 PM -- By: julie,  From:  

Happy Birthday Handsome Angel Joey

01-05-2009 5:19 PM -- By: ,  From:  


As I watch your Mom and, see her great level of pain--all I can hope for is peace for her.....You have gained that peace but, your Mom is remaining here with doubt and diminished hope..I am here to see it, to feel it, and, to do everything possible to ease it....To help her through this very tough day..

One can never take away such pain from loss.....I can however--be here---to receive your mom's pain---in every way she needs to share it, hide it and, feel it....Please know--she is not alone....

Travel in safety...stay in the light..

Peacefully with Love and Music, kenny

01-05-2009 1:21 PM -- By: LORI,  From:  


01-05-2009 1:10 PM -- By: Elizabeth,  From: Texas  

Dear Lyndie:

In reading your poems and tributes to your son, your love and pride in him is so lovingly evident, as well as your grief so palpable.  Even though a mother myself, I can't imagine the depth of grief and pain on the loss of your precious son Joey.  What a  handsome young man he was, happy to be alive, surrounded by his family. 

In one of your notes you mentioned the comments sometimes made to you by folks trying to be helpful, but are actually very hurtful.  I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated you sharing your thoughts about this with others.  About a year ago a co-worker of mine lost her son suddenly.  Before his death, when both her sons were in town spending time with and visiting her at our office, she was always on cloud nine, smiling from ear-to-ear.  I truly believe she is still in a state of shock.   But what I've noticed is that at times like you, she has received tactless comments from individuals who think they're helping her - when in fact, it only deepens her pain.   The rest of us love her so much, we surround her with friendship, shoulders to cry on and our love.   She has a large support system, but I worry that the grief etched on her face will never go away.

She has mentioned to me that if only she could see her son again - she would be so happy.  Then backpedaled because she realized that in order for that to happen, she would also have to pass away - leaving her remaining son as well as family & friends to grieve.  What a terrible cycle to have to go through.  Her thoughts, along with yours, made me think of the promises held out to mankind from our Creator, which interestingly are different than what many of us were taught as children.   His Word tells us that death was not part of God's original purpose for mankind.  The the vast majority of those who have passed away are actually asleep in death. (Psalm 13:3;  John 11:11) and that there will be a resurrection right here on the earth (John 5:28, 29) under ideal conditions, not the way it is now; with death to be done away with forever (Hosea 13:14; Isaiah 25:8; Rev. 21: 3,4). 

I hope that in some way these scriptures offer you some measure of hope.  Also, please accept my apology in advance if I have intruded upon a very personal subject; I just felt compelled to write after reading about your son.

God Bless you.



01-05-2009 9:38 AM -- By: Christine, Luke's Mom,  From: Arizona  

Dear Joey!!!!!!!   HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!.  I'm sure things are so wonderful there in heaven and that a birthday party there is something that we can't even imagine.  You are missed Joey by your family and friends.  I didn't know you on earth, but through Luke and your mom and dad, I have come to know you..... and it is an absolute pleasure.  Take care Joey, give Luke a hug for me, and we will see you boys soon..  PARTY ON!!!!!  


Christine, Luke's Mom 1979 - 2001 

01-05-2009 9:14 AM -- By: ,  From:  

Joey   my love for you will never die

           & nbsp;            ;           &nb sp;  love dad

01-05-2009 7:57 AM -- By: Roycie,  From: Texas  

Joey - Wishing you a wonderful birthday celebration in Heaven today. 

Lyndie - Thinking of you today.  I can't help but smile everytime I see Joey's beautiful smile.

01-05-2009 6:08 AM -- By: Nancy(gp),  From: Illinois  

My heart and prayers are with you today as you remember your angel Joey. You have touched me so much with the poems that come straight from your aching heart to mine. I'm sorry we are traveling on this journey of grief, and so very sorry for your loss. Happy Birthday in Heaven Joey. Wrap your angel arms around your mom and let her know you are with her always. Love Nancy,

01-04-2009 9:18 PM -- By: Tami-Angel Ryan Hook,  From: GP  

Happy Birthday Joey!!!  Lyndie wishing you a day filled with comforting memories of your handsome son. There is a special bond between a mother and her son like no other. Bless you always!!

01-04-2009 8:45 PM -- By: ,  From:  

My Joey

Happy Birthday ... I love you so very much...I miss you more than words could ever express... How is it that you are not here with me .... I will never understand...

Happy birthday in heaven

Love mom

01-04-2009 8:44 PM -- By: Rita Josh's mom,  From: GP  


Thinking of you Lyndie and your sweet Joey.

01-04-2009 3:08 PM -- By: Sandy, Forever Brandon's Mom,  From:  

You are such a handsome guy Joey I just had to come by and wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY in Heaven - I am sure that my Brandon and his friend Nate will help you celebrate. Please be sure to continue to stay close to your mom - she is such an amazing and talented person, but wait you already know that - I love reading her words of love to you. Soar high Joey and please tell Brandon his mom loves him - Love and hugs - Sandy

01-04-2009 8:52 AM -- By: Debi,  From:  

Tomorrow is your birthday and I am sure you are celebrating with your new friends, just be sure to take a minute or two out and send some love to your friends and family down here.

You are forever in my heart as is your mom who as you know is a remarkable woman

01-04-2009 6:55 AM -- By: ,  From:  


It is the day before your birthday--so first let me say HAPPY BIRTHDAY.......Secondly, although your wonderful Mom, is filled with such grief and loss--Love, spirit and hope will get her through this hard time.......Your birthday will alwyas be present for her..I will hold her hand and respect her pain...She misses you Joey..A miss that will never cease.

Travel in the light...Stay in peace.

Peacefully with Love, and, Music, Kenny


01-03-2009 8:19 PM -- By: Jeri Jessii's mom,  From: Garretson South Dakota  

Happy Birthday Joey, I know you know that I am writing this now. You know the pain, the broken hearts of your parents in the year 2003. Keith and I share that pain. I know you know Jessica. Birthdays are diffcult, as are all holidays. Yet I know that the love we parents had and have for you has only become stronger. I also know that your love for us was and is.

Happy Birthday Sweet Angel

12-31-2008 10:43 PM -- By: ,  From:  


I guess it is me who will enter this site tonight...I will keep your Mom safe Joey...It is on my watch..It is out of Deep and Abiding Love as, well as, respect for your Mom, that I feel so strongly about her safety being maintained!

With chronilogics upon us--and, 2009--about to burst on the scene-I wish you continued peace..

Travel in safety...Stay in the light.

Peacefully with Love and Music, Kenny

12-30-2008 11:18 AM -- By: Carol Ragsdale,  From: Newnan, GA  

Stopping by to wish you & your family a blessed & Happy New Year.
Remembering our Angels Always.
Carol Matthew Mullis's Mom

12-29-2008 8:08 AM -- By: ,  From:  


The holidays have past--for the most part...There is a new year blooming.....Your birthday is upon us...I know that your wonderful Mother--misses you beyond what any lyrics can describe....

When I go to this site--I am always led here and, never try to analyze it....

We know your part in bringing me to your Mom....I will do it justice and never let you down...

May you be in peace..Travel in the light and stay safe..

Peacefully with Love and Music, Kenny

12-23-2008 9:15 PM -- By: Michael Raneri,  From: Naples  

Hey Joey bro Im just sitting around being cold up here in North Carolina. Time again for x-mas. Miss ya buddy and just wanted to share my thoughts man. For some reason I know you hear this man even though you cant read this man. Merry Christmas Joey

12-23-2008 10:27 AM -- By: Lori Brewer,  From: Texas  

Lyndie, I just wanted to come by and visit with you and Joey. I added a new page to Aaron's site with some of the photos of the Angels names on my tree. Joey's is already on there if you'd like to check it out. Also, I will be lighting t-lites for all of our Angels on Christmas Eve and will add a photo of that when I get it. Hope your Holidays are filled with love and laughter and great Memories!!

Love and many hugs to you and Joey and the ret of your family,
Lori~Aaron's Mom~



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