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Memorial created 02-5-2006 by
Lyndie Sorenson
Joey Sorenson
January 5 1982 - July 19 2003

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12-21-2008 9:20 PM -- By: ,  From:  

Joey and Lyndie,

Through all of the heartache and the missing---there is love and, hope that will continue to bind all of you in spirit--during the holidays and through all days,...

We will all shoot for peace on earth--with one another....Then there will be an eternity reunion...That is what my soul knows to be true...

 My thoughts and, Heart are with you...Travel in safety..stay in the light...

Peacefully with Love and Music, Kenny

P.S.--Your Brother and, your Sister---along with, your wonderful Mother--are, much better off for having known such a man as you..Such a son and, such a brother.....You will always be sorely missed but, will travel on within them forever...

12-21-2008 7:32 PM -- By: Alan,  From:  

The holidays always bring back the fond memories of our loved ones that have left us too soon.  However we are able to rejoice in the thoughts that the time we had together were precious and we will remember them forever.  God bless you Lyndie, Samantha and Robert, your son's and brother's star shines bright.

12-20-2008 8:42 AM -- By: Debi,  From:  

Lynndie and Joey

I wanted to come by and let you both know that I am thinking of you.  Lynndie, your poems are always so beautiful and heartfelt.

Forever in my heart


12-19-2008 11:22 PM -- By: Kenny,  From:  


It is late in the evening now and, your MOm and I have discussed many things earlier.....My heart is always open to her...Her pain is no stranger or enemy to me....

She continues (as always) to miss you greatly....Still know--that she is very much loved---and feels very relieved from the hell she has been released from for a year--and still counting!!!....

I can feel your spirit nearby......Tomorrow--Your Mother and I will pay tribute to Alan A.---a man on a mission....Now the mission will go on from the great beyond---the locale where you reside....


stya in the light,..Travel in safety and peace...

Peacefully with Love and Music, Kenny

12-13-2008 11:51 PM -- By: KENNY,  From:  

.......Another Saturday Night---and, we do have somebody....

 With Christmas---coming soon...The would-have-been-earth-Birthday of my late Brother Ronnie.....My birthday coming sooner still.....Plus the one year anniversary of my wonderful Mother's passing -shortly to follow.....Wih all of that a moment or two away----the icing on that cake of so-called occasions--will be the birthday of Joey...An active birthday if he were here on earth...A day that will be observed and resepcted By his loved one's ,regardless.......

My month of madness is upon me....with the Love of Lyndie and her strong spirit.,.....I am a better person during a difficult season....It makes me a stronger person to be there for her---for all of the feelings she feels connected with your love, life and passing....You meant, as well as mean a g,reat deal to so many..Your Mom is on top of that list!!!!!!!

Stay in clarity....Travel in peace and safety..Know that your Mother is as fine as that word will translate...Know that she misses you every moment that there is to breathe....

Peacefully with Love and Music, Kenny


P.s.-With all of that coming (for me, others and/or Lyndie)--I have my own set of grieving to go through..My own level of pain--to deal with.....Still---The fact that my loss does not include the loss of a child---allows my pain to pale (although valid) in comparison for a host of reasons... I respect your Pain Lyndie..I feel your presence Joey.

12-12-2008 10:24 AM -- By: Debi,  From: Florida  




12-11-2008 10:51 AM -- By: Kenny,  From:  


A poem is being reviewed--and will be posted sometime later today.....

It tells many things about how alive your spirit is.....Your Mom-thinks of you all throughout every day and night...She is doing a splendid job--of being a Mother to Samantha and Robert....They miss you too!....

I am not trying to speak for them--just using my perception to, present the obvious..

You would be proud to see your Mom on this planet earth...She tries to keep living more, than any 11 people could and would be capable of....She uses a rare combination of grieving for you and, continuing to be the most productive, decent and loving person imaginable..

She speaks of you often...The pride and glow that comes upon her face--is priceless.....

 Wherever you may travel--stay safe....Just know--the future holds good things for your Mom and, a reunion in the eventual sense with her son Joey..

 Peacefully with Love and Music, Kenny

12-11-2008 12:10 AM -- By: ,  From:  

           & nbsp;           ONE YEAR---THANKS TO JOE

What up dog!!!!!!!  Those words which have been sent , straight from your lips

Though life can create such awful pain, It also can bring some joy in between the sips

Your Wonderful Mother always carries her grief with, high pride, Some would term that sorrow

With the help she derives from your spirit and ,her soul, She has been granted strength as, well as hope, to face tomorrow

Although her pain is constant, In other ways she is steady and feeling quite well

She misses you so dearly Joey with, such a passion and a vengence but, what has since been removed is, one form of the deepest hell >(for a year){so far}

Now she has much greater Love In her heart, Instead of much greater horror in tow

Some of the above--Is thanks to you--a very special certain son......

.....One year.......Thanks to Joe.......

Travel in the light...Stay in peace.....

Peacefully with Love and Music, Kenny

12-09-2008 3:21 PM -- By: Kenny,  From:  


Today is a very special day....It was a year ago--that you brought me to your wonderful MOm....The three of us--know exactly what I mean and, just how real this is..

 Joey--you can take comfort in the fact that accompanied with her sorrow--your Mother now knows the feeling of this type of mutual caring and sharing....It took a lifetime to come to fruition--BUT,--this sharing and caring will remain for an eternity or three!!!!!!!!!!!...

Lyndie---Thank you for being a part of my life.....I am here to look out for your heart and soul......Joey---is the master mind---watching out over you as well as us...

 Thank you both.......Joey----you can rest a wee bit easier knowing that I am handling things from planet earth--while you manage things from the  great beyond..

Travel is peace..stay in the light my friend...

Peacefully with Love and Music, kenny

12-02-2008 9:31 AM -- By: Carol Ragsdale,  From: Newnan, GA  

Joey sending you and your family my love, thoughts and prayers as we go through the Holiday Season.

God Bless,

Love & Peace Carol Mom to Matthew Mullis

11-29-2008 11:37 AM -- By: Terrie Whiteman,  From: Pa  

Hi Joey, Droping by to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.

Yesterday was sad for me as it was for your Mom, we both miss our Joey's, but know you are both safe and well. Give my Joey a hug from me and don't forget to send those hugs and kisses to your Mom, we need them to carry on. Love, Terrie (Joey's Mom)


11-28-2008 10:20 PM -- By: ,  From:  


Tonight we had our own semi-private version and vision of Thanksgiving.....Your Mom ,Brother, and, Sister spent it with the three of each other as ,well as with Me....Chris was out of town...Your Dad had your siblings the evening before this one.....

We had a wonderful time--having fun and eating well...It was nice for all of us to see your Mom lightin. up and enjoy herself with her family..

Lyndie is a prize of love..Better known as a priceless giving and sharing woman.. Even with all of her missing you--she has such a high spirit that she was able to share more love while feeling deep sorrow...

Stay in safety....Travel in light...

Peacefully with Love and Music, Kenny/Woogie/Pence

P.S.-During this night which is rapidly passing into tomorrow--we had a lot of fun..The thoughts mentioned about you--were one's of fun and humor....We all got along and shared the day----incorporating our individual as, well as our mutual pain, into dinner, talk and yachtzee,,,,

You were missed by all......On the other hand you traveled heavily in a spiritual fashion..That allowed for a common thread (bond) to travel with us through the evening--making each of us clsoer than we would have been without your spirit present/..... Thank you for that..

11-27-2008 7:15 PM -- By: ,  From:  


I miss you with all my heart on this thanksgivng day. It is not the same without your smiling face, funny jokes, and comments about whether there is raisens in the stuffing.  I know you look down upon me often for I feel your sweet love close by... I went to visit your site today, it is in a bad state and Samantha and I will be doing some work on it tomorrow.  Robert and Samantha will be coming tomorrow night for a belated Thanksgiving... I give thanks for them in my life for I love them as I love you

Remember you are always in my heart and soul... I will be with you again someday, and that will be a glorious day

I love you


11-27-2008 1:19 PM -- By: Kenny,  From:  


On this day that earthlings call Thanksgiving---we are all trying to find reasons to celebrate life.....The way your Mom misses you--It is often very difficult for her--to appreciate days such as this one....

I am here with her--so know--she is safe and loved.......My heart is always with you Lyndie....That is something that the three of us know quite well...

  Until the next time--Travel in safety and stay in the light..

Peacefully, Kenny

11-24-2008 11:24 PM -- By: Dr.Pence.Woogie./Kenny,  From: the heart  


Your mom is safe, warm and Loved...She misses you in  the deepest form of missing.. Aside from your time with her on earth--you will find her to be happier and more focused than she has been in a long while..You will continue to travel on within her and, above you''ll continue to watch over her,,,capice?

Stay in the light....Travel in safety...

  Peacefully with Love and Music, Kenny

11-11-2008 10:34 AM -- By: Kenny/Doc,  From: dockkpence11  


Today is Nov. 11th...Thats 11.11>>As it turns out---my initials are 11.11--since K, is the eleventh letter of the alphabet...

I know you understand---Your mother understands--and, a few other people, who are sprinkled about, understand...

Most people do not know of what I speak......Being that I used to be 111 miles away form Marco--allows me to understand the whole number thing..

Your Mom is well...Heartbroken and, well at the same time.

Her missing you--is an endless loop...Her Love for you (and you for her) is a never ending stream..

Always know although, she is somewhat protected from certain ills on planet earth (being looked out for)---she very much still needs you, to watch over her...

Stay in the light....Travel in peace...

Peacefully with Love and Music, Kenny

11-08-2008 11:12 PM -- By: ,  From:  


I write here often...I am led to do it....I can share with you--about Your Wonderful Mother..--Since I am part of the plan to watch out for her--while you watch over her, that plan will keep us linked, for always...and....beyond!!!

She misses you as per usual....Today she was riding high on her spirit--and, riding high with the hope of some peace ahead..

It is amazing how one (Lyndie) can have such a lovely and, a bright spirit but, at the same time, her heart is surronded by deep aching..

Until a better day arrives--we will keep striving for some outer as well as inner peace..

Peacefully with Love and Music, KeNnY

11-06-2008 9:30 PM -- By: ,  From:  


Down here on planet earth--there is hope.....A new direction, for us earthlings to take...A much better road ahead..A hard road---but, one laced with potential and hope....

Throughout it all--Your wonderful Mother misses you with a passion which can never be denied.....

Your smile is embroiled in her heart...Your love travels with her daily and always.......Just know even with all of her pain and sorrow---her strong spirit keeps her moving...Moving into the future--with the promise of seeing you in a world that is unknown to us mortals...

Stay in the light...Travel in peace..

Peacefully with Love and mUsic, Kenny

11-01-2008 10:32 PM -- By: ,  From:  


The p.s. here within goes as follows:.


nite, Kenny

11-01-2008 10:28 PM -- By: ,  From:  


Though, it has been a hard week (for her),--Your wonderful Mother--has turned a few things around in this life....

The hell she feels on a daily basis-{from missing you}--will never be turned around.......Until other circumstances become available in a place far beyond and, away from earth....

So, although her beautiful Heart--has a deep crack in it--and, the pain that she feels {which stems from not seeing your beautiful face in front of her) with, the help of you watching over her--- her spirit is allowed--to remain strong...

You are with her every day, in ways that make her life a bit bearable.....Still there is  nothing ,that can equal the time you and, Your Mom, shared on this------planet earth!!!

Stay in peace..Travel in the light......

Peacefully with Love and Music, Kenny

10-28-2008 3:22 PM -- By: ,  From:  

Your smile and spirit is a tremendous loss for your mother but it is  through that loss that I have gotten to know her, of you and the wonderful son that you were.  She will always be the wonderful mother that you know of.  I know you are in an easier place and are watching out for her, your father, brother and sister, and all of us that have made that connection with your mother.  My heart goes out to the wonderful person she is.

10-27-2008 10:01 PM -- By: ,  From:  


Your Mom will always miss you...So please watch over her---so that her great spirit can continue to do what she needs to do one earth..


Peace, Kenny

10-27-2008 9:57 PM -- By: ,  From:  


Thanks for the mutual signs....They are clear,dear, firm and for certain....

Although your mom feels a great sense of hell (from losing and missing you)---she has some relief over some former hell--and forges on with hope and humor.....

What a hard balance----for her---to have such a strong spirit and, to have to blend that spirit with, a broken Heart....

These lyrics I type here within---may sound cryptic to those who do not understand--but, make perfect sense to those who need to be reached...

Travel in peace..Stay in the light..

Peacefully with Love and Music, Kenny

10-16-2008 5:22 PM -- By: ,  From:  

My dear Joey...

I miss you so desperately... you are my special boy and it is very hard (actually hell) living on without you ... Please continue to send me signs to let me know you are with me... I love you so


10-16-2008 3:53 PM -- By: ,  From:  


This day has not been one of your mom's best set of hours.....She tries so hard---and gives so much to everyone...Most people do not appreciate what Your mom does for them...Some of which say they do and then show otherwise......Luckily there are many people who do appreciate Who your Wonderful Mother is...

I am a very lucky soul--to know her and share time and thought with her often...

She misses you in ways--that mere words can never do justice to...A chunk of her Heart took off for parts unknown when you left this earth...On the other hand--her strong spirit keeps her moving forward--and doing things she needs to continue to do on this planet earth...

The time will arrive that you will not only be a force ,a spirit , and a memory in her world-YOU WILL BE REUNITED WITH HER (and she with you)--AS IT SHOULD BE!..

Being a spiritual man myself--I know the above to be so..

Travel in the light...Stay in peace...

Peacefully with Love and Music, Kenny

p.s.--I will always do my best--to comfort and Love your mom and be with her through her pain....Please know that she is safe but, still needs you to watch over her...

10-14-2008 8:35 PM -- By: Lori Brewer,  From: Texas  

Lyndie, just wanted to stop by and visit you and Joey. Many love and hugs to you both,

Lori (Aaron's Mom)

10-05-2008 3:01 PM -- By: Jim Hayden,  From: Milwaukee  

Joey, keep your beautiful mother safe and healthy, please. Because all of us down here feel like we're in Heaven when she is with us. I'll see ya sometime, and I know I'm going to meet a good man. Couldn't be anything else with a mom like yours. She misses you more than anything in this world. Keep her safe, okay.


09-29-2008 5:19 PM -- By: Lori Brewer,  From: Texas  

Lyndie, what a wonderful Memorial you have made for your sweet Joey. Joey is a very handsome young man. I added his photo to Aaron's Angel friends page 2. Thank you for allowing me to do that. I can relate to alot of what you wrote on your Thoughts of the day page.

Love and hugs to you and Joey,

Lori Brewer (Aaron's Mom)


09-28-2008 5:37 PM -- By: ,  From:  


I for one and your Mom for another--are two people who believe that the spirit world is upon us...

So in other words---you are in touch with what I am  saying to you as, well as what other's have written within..

Life seems tough for your Mom (to say the very least) without her son Joey on earth with her....

Just know--that your Love accompanies her-- during every moment of every day...

In many ways she is a woman extraordinaire....When it comes to missing you--she is a Mother extraordinaire..


Travel in peace..Stay in the light...

Peacefully with Love and MUsic, Kenny

09-20-2008 5:22 AM -- By: Mina Blair,  From: UK  

Dear Lyndie

Just wanted you to know I've looked at this lovely website of your son, such a handsome young man. I hope he's hanging out with my Francesca.

Love from Mina


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