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"I want to tell you how grateful I was to find and use Virtual Memorials. Being able to share Bobby with .the world. has been a deeply spiritual experience for me and reading notes from many whom I don.t know has been so very comforting."

-- Judy Skapik creator of her son Bobby's Virtual Memorial

"Her memorial has been a blessing. Amanda's Memorial has been a blessing and brought comfort to my family and me. Many friends shared their memories and love for her, wrote funny stories and how much she meant to them. I treasure these memories with all my heart. There is no way to really express or put into words the comfort I now have in my heart, because of her memorial. Thank you."

-- Dee . Amanda's father

"My husbands memorial is place where he is immortalized and be visited by thousands. To feel comforted I turn on my computer and go to Angel's virtual memorial and feel an immediate connection, a place where I can offer a reflection , read what others have written or those that I composed during some very sad and trying moment of my grief process."

-- Helen Villasor, creator of Angel Villasor's memorial.

"I love his memorial! It is the perfect way to keep our sweet Marcus. memory alive and provide a place where all his family and friends can visit him any time of the day or night.. Thanks so much"

--Elise, South Africa
Creator of her son Marcus' memorial

"It has been consoling. It has been tremendously consoling for me to be able to take my time and add thoughts and feelings a little at a time and create a place that celebrates my little girl.s life."

"His memorial has become a place where we can release our emotions and thoughts about our loss and about his life. Thank you from the bottom of our heart."

"I am proud of Arlyn.s memorial. When we created Arlyn's memorial, I was obsessed with the need to get it done and on the Internet. I felt the grief of a mother, with the additional grief issues that accompany a suicide death, and it seemed that I had to get a memorial made and in place in order to survive. I was very depressed, so rounding up all the right photos, figuring out the right messages to go on each page, and working out the details was difficult, and at the same time, it provided a positive outlet for the high level of grief-energy I had. (A contradiction - depressed and energy, but that's the way it was.) After the memorial was in place, I spent hours and hours going to it initially. Reading every word dozens of times, savoring the photos, and of course, crying and crying and crying. This was my way of grieving, and it was a healthy way to deal with the pain I felt. As time went on, since it's been over 8 years now since Arlyn died, I find that I don't visit to see the photos and stories now as much as to read messages left and I check in each day to see if there are any new messages. I'm proud of her memorial. Being able to do this helps me survive without being dragged down into the pit of grief.."

-- Kryln Beal creator of her daughter Arlyn's memorial

"My daughter Jodi's Virtual Memorial Website has been a great healing tool for me during my long walk down this pathway of grief. Having the memorial to visit no matter where I am also makes me feel as though Jodi is still close to me. I have spent hours and hours at her memorial just looking at the pictures, and talking to Jodi and crying a lot! Her memorial was the place where I would also find comfort in the middle of the night, with the house quiet, and the world sleeping, and I was alone in my grief. Instead of pacing the floor I would go to Jodi's memorial and just sit and re-read the words on the "Reflections" page. This gave me, and still gives me such comfort to know that Jodi is still thought of, that her friends and the world have not forgotten her!!! Also another important thing about VM is that I have met some other wonderful parents who also have had a child die, and with each others support we have begun to live once again."
Thank you Sharon for kindness and for VM!

--Marilyn Nejman mother to Jodi Ann Nejman.

"Just want to say that this site has been a great comfort to my wife and I knowing how much people care. Thank you"

-- Craig Gold, father of Colleen Gold.

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