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Memorial created 02-5-2006 by
Lyndie Sorenson
Joey Sorenson
January 5 1982 - July 19 2003

As I think back many years, my mind takes me to a happier place in time... Back to 1982 where a mother awaited the most amazing day of her life. Her first born child would be making his debut at any moment. After nine months of reading each stage of pregnancy, many doctors visits, and much weight gain due to daily trips to embellish herself on vanilla shakes at the local A&W, she was totally ready. The babies room had been painted by her in a lovely yellow. Gingham drapes hung on the windows, and the crib was lined with stuffed toys. A rocking chair sat in the corner for the special times a mother and baby would share together. Living in Wisconsin at the time where winters can be brutal, the weather turned, as a blizzard approached. Temperatures plummeted to below zero with the worst wind chills were recorded in history. Of course that is when Joey decided to enter this world. No words can express the joy this mother had for her son. She was so amazed that this little miracle was hers. He looked as if he had war injuries due to a difficult birth, but he was perfect in her eyes. Welcome Joseph David Sorenson For 21 years he amazed his mother with his antics, his unique personality, and his on of a kind smile.... I love you Joey. You are dearly missed on what should be your 24th Birthday. You are always in my heart Love Mom


January 5th was the day you were born Never knew so much happiness till you You were our first child everything new The moment you made your debut That instant we knew how much we loved you each birthday would bring a new year Then tragically in a moment it turned to heartbreak and millions of tears Now life has all changed but some things remain our deep ever lasting love and on each January 5th we will remember our gift Our son who now lives up above In loving memory of Joey Copyright January 2006 Lyndie Sorenson


Joey's birthday waffle surprise !


Joey's 17th birthday


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