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Lyndie Sorenson
Joey Sorenson
January 5 1982 - July 19 2003

Joey loved animals from a very early age. This picture is of him and his kitty Tony that he actually picked out of a litter of four for his birthday. You can see the love he had for Tony the cat!!!


Benson was Joey's first dog. We called him Benny for short. Joey could lay on the floor or sofa right next to him and use him as an oversized pillow. What a special friend Benny was!


When we lived in Wisconsin we had goats. Joey loved to run around the pasture with them. They were very friendly goats!


When Joey was about 12 he was reading the classified and came across an ad for Golden Retrievers. We went out to look at the puppies. How adorable they were. Of course we couldn't just have one, no we came home with two. Their names... Pepsi and Cola!




Joey resting after work with Cola. Cola is sharing his big bone with Joey. What good buddies they are!


Rudy one of our many kitties that Joey loved dearly


Rudy with his buddy Moe sitting on the window ledge enjoying the morning sun


Sweetie and Tony. Tony loved boxes just like Joey!


Willie having a bit of oatmeal for breakfast!


This is Sneakers. He is the last kitty we have adopted. Joey thought sneakers was pretty special, and he is.


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