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Memorial created 02-5-2006 by
Lyndie Sorenson
Joey Sorenson
January 5 1982 - July 19 2003

This illness I call grief has me living in total disbelief Wishing it would go away then wondering how long will it stay This pain is deep within my soul It has taken such a terrible toll Just like a cancer eating away at me anyone experiencing it would surely agree The loss of a child is beyond earthly words bringing this pain totally inwards No one seems to care about us The ones left feeling totally useless As the sun does rise each morning the tears that greet without a warning Continue on each and every day They will never go away All we ask is to be understood I believe if you tried you truly could Imagine how it would feel for you To be among the chosen few In loving memory of Joey Lyndie Sorenson copyright 2005


The bittersweet memories of those days that used to be The smiles and the laughter are the visions that I see This pain so deep within us No words that can express How bittersweet the memories can cause us such distress Looking back in time forever When life included you It is now those bittersweet memories that will have to pull us through Bittersweet the memories Yes they will have to do For you will not be coming home We must wait to come to you In memory of all our kids Lyndie Sorenson Copyright December 2005


Time does not heal the loss of a child You only learn how to live in denial Somedays I feel totally insane cannot control this emotional pain ' Whether one year two years or more life will never be as it was before Just waking each day feels like a task cover up my sorrow... place on my mask I am caught between reality and irrationality questioning my own mortality Spent many moments with silent pleas longing for when life was totally care free There are no words to describe how this feels I was given no choice...just have to deal This pain continues on each day and night with no reprieve ever in sight With special thoughts for my sweet Joey Lyndie Sorenson Aug 2005


The tears just come each day and night from pain that is totally out of sight It is deep within and there is no relief from this terrible thief we all call grief It came to us and stole our lives has made it so difficult to just survive The millions of questions it has raised leaves us feeling very dazed It moves like waves on a stormy sea we know we will never be set free'For it came and swept away our love and took them away to heaven above So each day will come and each day will go The sun will shine or the snow will blow But we will continue to live with this thief That has brought us heartache...and we call it grief Remembering Joey with love Lyndie Sorenson Copyright 2006


The magic wand I dream about with powers so very strong I often imagine it bringing you home to where you do belong With that magic wand in hand you would be back in my arms I would never let you go again I would protect you from all harm Each day the magic wand would bring smiles to you and me No longer would there be such pain Life would again be so care free I wish my magic wand was true so this heartache would go away my life now filled with many tears that will continue on each day I guess my magic wand will stay within my imagination but I will never forget my dream for it brings with it great elation In loving memory of my precious son Joey Lyndie Sorenson Copyright 2006


My truth has become a nightmare It is something most people just fear The loss of a child I live in denial My truth has become a nightmare My truth has become a nightmare I am not who I was in the mirror I have cried felt I died My truth has become a nightmare My truth has become a nightmare Those around me really don't care I just wear a mask it has become such a task My truth has become a nightmare My truth has become a nightmare I wish someone would lend me an ear I try to explain they think I complain My truth has become a nightmare My truth has become a nightmare I hardly can get any air I beg if you please I just wish to leave My truth has become a nightmare Lyndie Sorenson copyright 2005


I walk around as if in a daze I live my life in total malaise I guess to others I seem just fine but I know I am walking a very thin line The pain that others just call grief that came in the night like a terrible thief Took that life that used to be and replaced it with only memories I remember laughing and having fun but that was when I still had my son I know I smile now and then but mostly I cry over and over again I ask myself to try to deal and wonder if I will ever heal Then I get a piercing pain and decide to focus on just staying sane In loving memory of Joey Lyndie Sorenson copyright 2005


I will not be fine It will not just take time I will always need you you were a part of me too Life will not be the same There will always be pain You were my child, my son you were my dear special one I will never forget The day we first met So little and sweet My heart skipped a beat I will have to go on living life as a con wearing this mask It is just such a task I keep asking when will we be together again could it be soon maybe in June I long for your smile You had such a great style I love you so much I just need your sweet touch When I finally leave No longer I grieve I know in the light You will bring me delight Lyndie Sorenson Copyright June 2005


A life sentence with no reprieve causing such heartache since you did leave Forever and ever this pain in my soul missing you deeply life's out of control Nothing can ease it millions of tears so many questions so many fears The tide of emotions running in running out sometimes I cry quietly sometimes I do shout A life sentence of grieving for you now and forever that's what I shall do In loving memory of Joey Lyndie Sorenson copyright March 2006


Sitting in the early morning before the world does wake with the stillness all around me I can feel my heart just ache No noise to keep me occupied No one around but me I cannot keep my thoughts away so as to be set free The memories are bittersweet an ocean full of tears Feeling you so close to me but you've been gone for years Everything is still and quiet Inside I cry with pain One question runs throughout my mind Is this all that remains? I am told it should be better. . . You are needed here . . Just continue to be strong. . . You will get over it my dear No one really understands when sorrow lies deep within It stays forever in ones heart emotionally it wears you thin So as time passes on around me and days turn into years I know the pain of losing you will never disappear In loving memory of Joey Lyndie Sorenson Copyright March 2006


Reminisce I spend most days just reminiscing of the life that I once knew Days when everything was fine back to when my life had you I dodge away from my reality as if doing so will take it away So impossible to believe the truth I run and hide from it everyday Somehow this life took a wrong turn left me here to live without you Now it has this deep dark hole that each day I muddle through Today is just another day of many days that past They shall continue on this way till I meet with you at last How much longer will it be till Earth I finally leave For each day I live without you Is another day I grieve In loving memory of Joey Sorenson Lyndie Sorenson Copyright 2006


Places of the heart Places of the heart is where I long to be A place where you and I would again live happily I know it is not far away just around a bend And when my time does come on you I will depend Your smile will guide me home as we travel to the light Your hand will reach for mine and I will grab it oh so tight I will finally be set free in Heaven up above Where I will be with you again my very special love In Loving memory of Joey and his heavenly buddies Lyndie Sorenson June 06


Timeline of grief such a terrible thief A never ending road Life has tragically bestowed One day spent with tears the next entirely unclear Walking this timeline no words can define Beginning with days filled with malaise no way to find peace seems the tears will not cease The timeline keeps moving with nothing improving as days turn to weeks we learn coping techniques Months turn to years memories become souvenirs As the timeline of grief has shown little relief One step at a time we walk this thin line Broken heart that won't mend life we cannot amend Timeline of grief such a terrible thief days....weeks....months....years.... sadly...... perfectly clear In loving memory of Joey Sorenson Lyndie Sorenson Copyright June 1006


I am looking for a special place A place to not deny all the feelings deep within A place where I can cry A private world that will accept these tears that flow for you This never ending sorrow A place I can be true No more hiding from the world pretending I am fine I need to let it all run free No longer walk this line If others cannot understand that life is not the same I must not waste another day trying to explain I need to be true to myself and those that really care I will no longer wear my mask My feelings I must bear So I will show my feelings to a world that has no clue The pain that has me reeling from the day that I lost you In loving memory of Joey Sorenson Lyndie Sorenson Copyright July 06


Another anniversary ... but there will be no fun For this anniversary marks the day I lost my son Wishes will not be happy instead there will be tears No looking towards the future only backwards now in years Spent the last three long years trying to deny Imagining you went away ...not that you had died Reality hurts in a place so very deep within Affected every facet ... has worn me very thin I know you would be doing so much with your life Maybe you would have children... maybe a beautiful wife I am left with memories and a life of lost hopes Empty words from many of how I need to cope These special days do push me further to the brink drain all my needed energy so further I do sink Losing you has been the hardest journey to go through Each day I wish to wake ... and finally be with you In loving memory of Joey January 5, 82-July 19th 03 copyright July 06 Lyndie Sorenson


 Six Years....

It is only hours away now
A time that I do dread
I have tried to it hidden
Not allow it in my head
Six years ago I lost you...
On a sunny afternoon
My heart broke in an instant
The world became my own monsoon
As you traveled up to heaven
towards the beautiful white light
Each day was filled with darkness
Nothing since has felt quite right
I was told I must get over it
Allow myself to heal
You were taken for a reason...
Somehow I must learn how to deal
I learned quickly just to hide it
Keep the sorrow  deep within
No one wants to know my secret
My grief has worn them very thin
Tomorrow is approaching...
Another year without you here
Only those within your family
Will be shedding any tears
With another year behind me...
It has become so crystal clear
I will always love you deeply
Always wish that you were here
In loving memory of Joey on his sixth angel anniversary
Copyright©July 2009

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