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Memorial created 02-5-2006 by
Lyndie Sorenson
Joey Sorenson
January 5 1982 - July 19 2003

Another Anniversary

Another anniversary, but there will be no fun For this anniversary marks the day I lost my son Wishes will not be happy instead there will be tears No looking towards the future only backwards now in years

Spent the last four long years trying to deny Imagining you went away, not that you had died Reality hurts in a place so very deep within Affected every facet, has worn me very thin

I know you would be doing so much with your life Maybe you would have children or a beautiful wife I am left with memories and a life of lost hopes Empty words from many of how I need to cope

These special days do push me further to the brink Drain all of my energy so further I do sink Losing you has been the hardest journey to go through Each day I wish to wake, and finally be with you

In loving memory of Joey Sorenson January 5 1982-July 19 2003 Lyndie Sorenson ©July 06 revised 07


A Candle in his honor For the child I have lost Tears that have been shed each day Sleepless nights that I have tossed

My life that has forever changed Out of my control Will never understa A Candle in His Honor

nd this fate Can never be consoled

Each day I wake again to pain That comes from deep within Unless you've lived this awful fate You can't know where I've been

I will never be over losing him Tried so hard to let you know That this love will last forever Till the day that I do go

My memories are bittersweet Some smiles and some tears Longing for this all to end Then days turn into years

I somehow move along in life This pain right by my side Grief is now a part of me My heart it does reside

Please light a candle in his honor Remember him with me To lose a child is so tragic This is not how life should be

In loving memory of Joey Sorenson Lyndie Sorenson © Copyright 2006


Embrace Each and Every Moment

I embrace each and every moment You lived with me on Earth A journey of emotions From the second of your birth

Your anticipated arrival All your life would be The instant I had waited for When you were born to me

The years brought with sweet memories I will cherish in my heart Your first smile lives within me Although we now must live apart

Our special times together A mother and her son Then life took a tragic wrong turn That can never be undone

Days are spent denying So much of what I feel This pain is just to harsh... When you allow it to be real

So I slip into a silent place One within my heart and soul To remember life together Before I lost control

Although you are not here with me To share our life on Earth I still embrace each and every moment From the second of your birth

In loving memory of Joey Sorenson Lyndie Sorenson © copyright July 2007


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